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Watchytt Systems

Automated controls systems for your business

Watchytt has the expertise in system customization to bring the full potential out of your existing facility. Savings reports, system management, and so much more all at the power of your fingertips.

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Brasch Brasch

Brasch Manufacturing

Brasch Open Coil Electric Duct Heaters are custom engineered to customer specification and built to order. They are available UL listed in Slip-in or flanged configurations with heavy gauge galvanized steel frame and terminal box construction. Units include primary and secondary thermal protection and are designed for use with vertical up or horizontal airflow in either direction. Alternate constructions are available for oven heaters, round duct, bottom insert and raintight installations. Elements are constructed using only the highest A-grade 80/20 nickel-chromium resistance wire with stainless steel terminals. Other optional construction features include recessed, dust tight or insulated terminal box, insulated flanges and protective screens.

Brasch gas detectors are built for demanding applications. Whether your goal is to meet indoor air quality standards or to remove hazardous fumes; whenever controlled ventilation is desirable as a means to achieve air quality, Brasch gas detectors are your best choice. Our unique ETL Listed design permits dual gas detection with a single device or zone control, employing multiple sensors that may be monitored from a single location and interfaced to Building Management Systems (BMS) or Direct Digital Control Systems (DDCS).

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neptronic neptronic

National Environmental Products

The Neptronic humidity controller/sensors are the most advanced devices to control relative humidity for general purpose applications. Extremely user-friendly & easy to install, these humidistat are specially designed to control humidifiers equipment for more comfortable living environment.

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Haskris Haskris


Haskris OPC-Series chillers are designed for outdoor installation and offer industry-leading uptime performance of 99.97%. Ranging in size from 1.5 Tons to 30 Tons, these durable chillers are a standard in the medical industry where reliability is critical. Capable of operating in extreme climates from -40F to +120F while maintaining fluid temps at +/-0.1C of set point, the OPC-Series sets the standard for excellence.

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As we strive to continue bringing you the latest in pool comfort technology, we are proud to announce the introduction of Laars Pool Heating Systems to our product offerings. Laars Pool Heating Systems offer easy to service, inexpensive to maintain heaters that are some of the greenest in the industry. Laars has a long standing reputation for excellence in the heating industry and they hold their equipment to the highest standards.

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Yanmar Micro Co-Generation CHP units.

The YANMAR mCHP unit delivers constant heating and electric power while providing complete environmental comfort. The YANMAR systems utilizes up to 88% versus 49% from traditional “from-the-grid” sources. This provides significant energy savings year after year. With the YANMAR mCHP Black-Out Start (BOS) model, no matter how bad the weather is outside you can have peace of mind knowing that your YANMAR mCHP will continue to provide heat, electricity and hot water when the traditional grid system goes out.
With maintenance intervals of 10,000hrs and extended warranty packages of up to 60,000hrs or 10yrs you will have worry and hassle free years of operation!

Yanmar GHP Gas Heat Pumps.

Yanmar Gas Heat Pump (GHP) air conditioning systems provide high efficiency and cost effective heating and cooling solutions for buildings using gas. Being mainly powered by gas, these GHP systems can give low running costs, reduced CO2 emissions and eliminate the need for expensive electricity supply upgrades that are often required by electrically powered heat pump systems. They can also reduce seasonal overloading of electricity grids, create new opportunities for gas to be used for cooling and also help to stabilize the demand for gas and electricity over the year.
Yanmar GHP systems are ideal for restaurants, shops, showrooms as well as hotels, office buildings, schools, care-centers, sports clubs, factories and a multitude of other applications.

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Cain Industries

Waste Heat Recovery Systems. Cain Industries is a manufacturer of waste heat recovery systems for the following markets: gas & diesel cogeneration systems, boiler exhaust stack economizer systems, and fume incineration systems.
Since 1978 Cain Industries has dedicated itself to the exclusive production of combustion exhaust heat transfer products. Our successful experience, lowering fuel costs and reducing pollution makes us the first choice for both the retrofit and OEM client. Coupled with our heat transfer programs and CAD engineering designs, we have developed 15 product lines with over 2,350 pre-design industrial heat transfer models.

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