Our Team

  • Gordon Sprague:  President and Sales Engineer
  • Shaun Dobbins: Sales Engineer
  • Patrick Beaudoin:  Sales Engineer
  • Loreen Dobbins:  Vice President and Office Manager
  • Dawn Lee Dumond:  Administrative Assistant

Mission Statement

Lordon Associates will only represent those factories that produce the highest quality of equipment in their fields. We will furnish the level of value added service that matches the quality of the products that we sell. All of our customers will know that they can approach Lordon Associates for a solution to any problem they have.

Our History

Walter Alden started doing business as Alden Heating Ventilating Equipment Company in 1968. The company's focus was, and still is, as Manufacturers Representatives. The business has its foundation in the heating & air conditioning field through the representation of the American Air Filter Company. In the mid 1970’s Liebert Corporation was brought on board. Liebert was at that time a fairly new company specializing in building air conditioning for the blossoming computer room industry. Computers and Computer Rooms grew at such a rapid pace right through the 70’s and 80’s that our business became largely Liebert Equipment, as it still is today.

The company was purchased from Walter Alden in 1993 by two of his employees, Gordon Sprague and Loreen Dobbins. The transition was a seamless one because both of the new owners had been with Alden for many years. In 1999 Lorrie and Gordon changed the name of the company to reflect the new ownership. Lordon Associates, Inc. continues to serve their customers with the best products and service available in the field. The factories represented are producing the best equipment in their respective fields.

Lordon Associates prides itself on giving the best service possible to our customers whether they are the Engineers designing the job, the Contractors furnishing the equipment, or the End Users after the equipment has been installed.